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River Conditions
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RiverSwami's Observation on 10/1/10:
  •  HIGH WATER! Stay off of river!  It's over (the drought, that is)!  TS Nicole brought high wind gusts & dumped 4.6" of rain within 24 hrs. River will conclude it's rise by tomorrow eve below flood stage! (Despite the local news misinformation.)
TIP:  "If you are in a very low-lying area, keep your possessions in a safer place.  (Like, not in the basement, man!) If you are at a higher elevation, take a deep breath and relax."

RiverSwami's Observation on 9/30/10:
Lots of algae in very low water level = 8 ft. That will soon change.  TS Nicole is on her way to bring several inches of rain in addition to 2.4" from the past week.  River should rise substantially to 15 ft+. 
TIP:  "Move any leftover summer fun items up to dry dock, close up the patio umbrella, and don't shoot the herons (or people), please! (Shame on you, you hillbilly.  You know who you are.)"

RiverSwami's Observation on 9/23/10:
Despite the first day of Fall, Summer refused to leave,  Day # 54 of 90ºF weather. 
TIP:  "Keep the A/C running.  It ain't over 'til it's over!."

RiverSwami's Observation on 9/14/10:
A bit of algae, but beautiful, nonetheless.  Enjoy it while it lasts. 
TIP:  "Enjoy the rest of the summer safely."

RiverSwami's Observation on 8/12/10:
Is it hot enough for you?  Despite 90ºF temps all summer, the water is quite refreshing.  It remains relatively clear. 
TIP:  "Stay hydrated.  If you're unable to enjoy the water, stay inside the AC."

RiverSwami's Observation on 7/1/10:
Hot and dry.  Algea grows, then rain washes it away.  TIP:  "Be careful this July 4th.  Don't consume alchohol while boating and always have enough PFDs for everyone."

RiverSwami's Observation on 5/12/10:
Tubing season is officially open!  The water is a very refreshing 78ºF. 
TIP:  "Be observant for changes to the river since last summer."

RiverSwami's Observation on 3/22/10:
T-storms.  Another round heading in from the west.  River levels expected to rise to the 16 ft. range  Not a good day to be out on the water  Wait until the weather is clear.
TIP:  "Fill empty plastic juice bottles with tap water and a drop of bleach so you can wash up and enjoy a royal flush when the power goes out."

RiverSwami's Observation on 3/21/10:
It's a beautiful day & everything's A-OK.  Last weekend's storm was mainly a wind event.  A downed tree and utility lines snapped a pole with a transformer, cutting off power and communications to the area for several days.  Fortunately, water levels only reached over 16 ft., well below flood stage.  Rain totals were lower than expected due to the bulk of the precipitation staying to the east.  River levels have dropped down to make for some good boating.  Enjoy it while it lasts!
TIP:  "Keep food from spoiling during an extended power outage by emptying your refrigerator's fruit and/or vegetable drawer and packing it full of ice."

RiverSwami's Observation on 3/13/10:
Thar she blows!  Heavy winds soon to be accompanied by a double-whammy of locally heavy rains and melt-off from up north may bring the river up it's banks to near flood stage (=20 ft. @TTN) tomorrow night into Monday.  Areas at lower elevations are at greater risk of taking on water.  Be prepared just in case! 
TIP:  "Now would be a good time to get important papers together, check your emergency kits, go over your emergency evacuation plan, and fill the car with gas.  Know the elevation of your structure and escape route in relation to the river levels so you understand if/when it is time to leave to safety.  If you aren't sure, ask a neighbor to show you where flood stage is within your property and mark it for your reference.  That way, you'll never be caught unprepared!  Don't forget Fido!"

RiverSwami's Observation on 3/12/10:
Foamy discharge from Hough's Creek @ 11AM today and drizzle.  Otherwise, unremarkable.
TIP:  "Creeks may flood, making rivers flow mud."

RiverSwami's Observation on 3/10/10:
March is in like a lamb with a nice, slow thaw.  The slower the better.  Snow, then.  Now, beautiful spring-like weather.  Who would know we were digging out just a week ago?  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Another storm system is due to bring lots of rain over the weekend.  Ugh.
TIP:  "Get a jump on Spring clean-up before the deluge."

RiverSwami's Observation on 2/13/10:
      OO  They should have moved the winter Olympics here.  
Vancouver, have we got snow for you!  This week's snow total = 19 in. of it, heavy, wet and piled up all over the place.  Trees snapped in half from the weight, and make that 3 power outages in 24 hrs.  More to come?
TIP:  "Restock your battery and candle supplies.  Spend a few bucks on a cheap, hardwired phone and plug it in before the lights go off the next time.  You'll be glad you did."

RiverSwami's Observation on 2/10/10:
Storm Watch!  Blame it on the groundhog.   Here we go again.  If you're feeling like Bill Murray in a B movie, it's because we just did this.  Last weekend's snow total = 8-11 in. with drifts over 2 ft.  Add to that 6 in.+ of heavy, wet snow, rain, more snow and power outages 2Xs in 12 hrs, ... and things are just getting started.  Wind is yet to come.
TIP:  "Check & reset electric space heaters, which may not come back on automatically after a power outage, esp, if you have small children or pets who rely on the warmth to survive.  Use caution clearing snow.  Be alert to sudden falling tree branches that may bring down power lines.  Fuel up those generators just in case."

RiverSwami's Observation on 1/23/10:
Storm Watch!  The weather system that wreaked havoc in CA and across the central US is headed east.  Weather experts are forecasting a deluge accompanied by mild temps will cause river levels to rise above action stage (15 ft.) by Tuesday. 
TIP:  "
Batten down the hatches and stay tuned to local forecasts for further updates."

RiverSwami's Observation on 12/25/09:

HO! HO! HO! Enjoy the snow. Rain later today will melt it all away!
1-wk Snowfall = 12 inches (but who's counting?)
TIP:  "
Congratulations goes out to Gen. Washington and all the troops who managed to dodge a blizzard, torrential rain, keep their caps on and make a successful journey across the mighty Delaware!  Good job, brave men and women!  My hat's off to you."

RiverSwami's Observation on12/17/09:

No news is good news! The 1st snowfall came & went.  More to come? 
2-wk Rainfall total = 4 inches
TIP:  "
Mark your calendar for the Annual Crossing of the Delaware to be held X-mas day at WC Park!"

RiverSwami's Observation on 11/24/09:

Fall is here & everything is under control. Despite a series of Nor'easters, the river has ebbed & flowed without incident.
TIP:  "
Be aware of hunters camouflaged near the shoreline.  Wear bright colors.  Report violators according to which side of the river they are on."

RiverSwami's Observation on 9/4/09:

Tubing is a GO!  Yeehaaa!  HAPPY LABOR DAY!  Dust off that flotation device, don yer swim trunks & take advantage of much improved conditions while you still canFinally!  Still a bit mucky along the shoreline & murky down the middle, but it'll do.  Beware of shifted debris.
2-wk Rainfall total = 5.8 inches
TIP:  "
  Wear water shoes & bright-colors
  (The better to see you, my dear!) 
  Use sunscreen & avoid alcohol.
  (A dead, sunburned, dehydrated   
   drunk is a real drag!)
  Use the buddy system & have a way  
  to communicate in the event of an  
  (Use a cell phone stored in a
   waterproof case or few shrill blows
   from a whistle to get attention.)

RiverSwami's Observation on 8/2/09:

Unsafe for boating.  Torrential downpours have caused a sudden, significant rise in river levels.  The current is very swift w/lots of fresh debris throughout.
A tornado cell was spotted in the area earlier today. 
48-hr Rainfall total = 4.3 inches

TIP:  "
Be alert to flash flooding and falling tree limbs.  Put fresh batteries in your flashlight.  Secure boats, docks and anything along the riverbank that hasn't been swept away by now.  Stay tuned for updates."

RiverSwami's Observation on 7/31/09:

Tubing season is closed until further notice!  Rainfall has churned up the water and raised levels.  Use caution if boating.
Water temp:  77ºF near the shoreline.  Muddy conditions.

TIP:  "
Be alert to sudden severe weather."

RiverSwami's Observation on 7/14/09:

Tubing season is open!
Water temp:  74ºF near the shoreline.  Cloudy conditions, but improving daily.

TIP:  "
The air may be warm, but the sun is hot.  Stay hydrated and don't forget to wear sunscreen."

RiverSwami's Observation on 7/4/09:
Muddy throughout.  OK for  boating, but tubing & swimming  are not recommended.  Yuk.

TIP:  "
Test your fitness.  Lace up those running shoes and blast off at the annual Revolutionary Run at WC Park."

RiverSwami's Observation on 6/13/09:
• Thine rain gauge hath overfloweth.
Despite what current NWS maps are showing, heavy rains over the Delaware Valley have produced a sudden water rise along the river.

TIP:  "STAY OUT!  Stay tuned to find out when conditions improve."

RiverSwami's Observation on 5/23/09:

The holiday falls a week earlier than usual.  Water conditions are still murky from last week's rain.  Exercise extreme caution as river rescues abound.
TIP:  "If you can't see your toes, you're in over your head."

RiverSwami's Observation on 3/21/09:
Water levels have receded, but the temperature is still f-f-f-frigid.
TIP:  "Be prepared for weather changes and temperature fluctuations.  Dress in layers and stay dry."

RiverSwami's Observation on 3/10/09:
  CAUTION!  Debris flows.  Although little precipitation was observed in the local area, parts of NY and northern & western PA received heavy rainfall.  The runoff has raised water levels along rivers & streams that feed into the Delaware.  Levels should hover around 13 ft. for the rest of the week.  Additional precipitation could alter the forecast over the weekend.
TIP:  "Tune in for further updates."

RiverSwami's Observation on 12/25/08:
The current proved to be too swift for our brave actors to row, row, row their boats across.  Instead, they marched over the bridge!
MORAL OF THE STORY:  "'Tis better to be safe than sorry."

RiverSwami's Observation on 12/12/08:
•  CAUTION!  Significant rainfall has occurred over the past 24-48 hrs. causing a 4 ft. rise in water level.  Current forecasts are calling for the river to continue to rise another 3 ft. this weekend and to crest at approx. 16.8 ft. in Trenton.
If you live along the river, secure property such as boats, outdoor furniture, docks, etc. ASAP to avoid loss or damage.
TIP:  Label personal property with your last name and/or street address for easy ID, enabling their return in the event of a loss.

RiverSwami's Observation on 10/29/08:
  TUBING is a NO in the snow!  Brrr, the water is cold.  Wear a wetsuit.
TIP:  Boaters, dress appropriately for the weather and bring along a camera to capture the last of the fall foliage.

RiverSwami's Observation on 08/19/08:
  TUBING is a GO in the living aquarium.
Recent rains clarified the water, moderated temps & kept algae growth down.
"Is this heaven?"
"No, it's the Delaware River."
TIP:  The sun rises on the NJ side (E) and sets on the PA side (W).  Enjoy the view!

RiverSwami's Observation on 08/07/08:
  TUBING is a GO in murky waters.
TIP:  Beware of pop-up T-storms.  If caught in one, get out of the water!  Seek immediate shelter-shore, preferably NOT under a tree, but inside a building.

RiverSwami's Observation on 07/27/08:
  TUBING is a NO!  Looks like the muddy Mississippi.  Crested 07/25/08.  Large debris coming from up river.
TIP:  Bring your binoculars and enjoy the wildlife from the shoreline.

RiverSwami's Observation on 07/24/08:
  TUBING is a NO!  Muddy waters expected to rise 4 ft. due to recent rainfall.  T-storms & deadly lightening.
TIP: Stay tuned to local weather forecasts.

RiverSwami's Observation on 07/12/08:
  TUBING is a GO in crystal clear waters and perfect temps!
TIP:  Don't forget the sunscreen!


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